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NISD Background check

NISD Background Check

If you plan to help the Taft Raider Band or even if there is only a possibility you will be one of the volunteers who will be helping out, please go ahead and fill out the mandatory Background Check Form for NISD volunteers.

Make sure you select “TAFT” as your volunteer location (even if your student attends Communication Arts High School). However, if you plan to volunteer at other NISD schools, you can select them as well so you’ll only need to submit the form once.  After you have submitted your background check form, send an email to membership@taftraiderband.org so that we know to look for yours if we don't receive it in a timely manner. 

Although it only takes a minute to fill out and submit this simple form, the background check process can take a few weeks before we get notified that a volunteer has cleared the process so they can issue a TRB volunteer badge, especially at the beginning of the school year when the system is flooded with background checks.  Getting these background checks submitted early will ensure we have cleared volunteers available to help on day 1 of the next school year.


  • The background check is mandatory for all NISD volunteers (athletics, band, PSG, etc) who will be working around the students. Volunteers who help with meals, chaperoning, equipment, uniforms, etc must complete a background check to get a TRB volunteer badge before performing volunteer work at Taft/Comm Arts.

  • The background check must be performed each year

  • The background check is also required for volunteers with government security clearances.

  • The background check is NOT required for NISD employees.  Instead, contact the Taft High School secretary(julia.gomez@nisd.net), and let them know you you will be volunteering. You will be asked to provide your NISD employee number to the Taft administrator handling the Taft Raider Band background checks for inclusion on the TRB cleared background check list.

Again, if you’ve already decided you will be a volunteer helping the Raider Band this school year, please go to the online form HERE to complete the Background Check.   It’s painless!