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Volunteers needed for 2017-2018

Practically everything the boosters do has some interaction with our band students. Therefore, NISD requires us to have background checks which are a quick and easy process to fill out.  Even if you aren't sure how you might help the boosters and the band this year, fill out a background check now so that it's not a roadblock in the future.  More information and a link to the NISD background check is available at NISD Background Check 

TRB 2017-2018 - Let's Make It Happen!

Concessions Volunteers

Sign up to be a concessions volunteer!  This is our 2nd biggest source of income, and a few hours of your time makes all the difference. 

Chaperone volunteers

Keeping in line with the positive and diverse volunteering attitude for the TRB boosters, please do not sign up for every event right away so that others have a chance to look at them and also participate as chaperones. We are encouraging everyone the opportunity to volunteer and help out in every facet of the TRB.

Event Volunteers

Sign up to be a volunteer at one of our many events like Band Banquet, Jazz Extravaganza, TMEA, etc. 
The Texas Music Educators Association convention is scheduled for February 14-17, 2018. This is a major event and we need as many volunteers as possible to support this. Signup will be posted soon.

What is the Taft Raider Band's role in the convention you may ask? Click here to read about it.
TMEA Convention February 14-17, 2018


Want to be one of those to help get the equipment out onto the field?  Signup below to be a roadie!