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noun: roadie; plural noun: roadies
  1. 1.
    An individual who is responsible for setting up, tearing down, and generally maintaining the equipment for a band.

verb: roadie; 3rd person present: roadies; past tense: roadied; past participle: roadied; gerund or present participle: roadying
  1. 1.
    work as a roadie for a band.

Roadies are an important part of the TRB family. Without Roadies, the band would be unable to get their instruments to their performances. Roadies travel with the band using their own personal vehicles to each performance event. Roadies are responsible for loading and unloading of the props, instruments, and any other items the band may require for their performance. As always, Roadies set the example by being courteous and professional during the execution of their duties.

You must must have a cleared NISD background check on file to be able to roadie with the TRB. In addition to being a Roadie, we ask that you be willing to change hats when needed for a variety of tasks whenever called upon (uniforms, chaperone help, etc.). 

Please wear your Taft booster shirt or red Taft shirt and khakis (capris or pants) or jeans and comfortable closed toe shoes as you will be standing and moving around a bit. 

If you would like more information about becoming a roadie, please email: roadies@taftraiderband.org

Thanks for helping the band "Make It Happen!"