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TMEA 2019 - Another Successful Year

To all the TRB Boosters, Alumni , Students, and all others who volunteered,  

Thank you to everyone on behalf of TMEA and myself for a outstanding job that was done this year, so many of you really stepped up and delivered such great service either on scene or behind the scenes. I know the staff and attendees are very appreciative of the work and customer service that was delivered this year. All aspects of what was needed for the conventions success was met or exceeded, from the monitoring,  concerts, info booths and college night, all the work and patience was done exceptionally well.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful convention and look forward to what we accomplish next year as we celebrate the 
100 year anniversary of TMEA.

Richard Jones 

TMEA & Taft  Long History Together


For the last 24 consecutive years, the Taft Raider Band Boosters have had the honor to work with the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) at  their statewide convention held here in San Antonio.  This is a huge event that normally has over 35,000 attendees. The upcoming convention will take place on February 13-16, 2019 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The Taft Raider Band Boosters Organization is the only booster organization TMEA has worked with for the last 22 years, but in order to continue with this tradition,  we need your help. 

What has made our participation at TMEA a success for the last 24 years has been the incredible amount of volunteers who have come out to help us during the event.  Our role at this event is to provide staffing to monitor the entrances of the venue and provide other support functions. In return for our services, TMEA makes a sizable donation to the Taft Raider Band Boosters.  This is a huge event that has helped to contribute up to nearly 50%  of our annual fundraising goal in the past.    

Again, this is a huge fundraising event, but we need all the volunteers we can get to make this yet another successful year.  With the expansion of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, more volunteers will be needed than in previous years to successfully provide all the required services.  If you or anyone you now is interested in investing time in this great fundraising opportunity, please let us know.  The more volunteers we have, the greater the opportunity of soaring success and the higher the probability of continuing to work with TMEA for many years to come.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at tmea@taftraiderband.org


Doug Rager
President, 2018-2019 Taft Raider Band Boosters
Mobile (210) 913-3052


Congratulations to Taft HS Principal, Marti Fernandez and Comm Arts Principal, Lisa Baker, for receiving the 2017-2018 TMEA Distinguished Administrator Award!  

Thank you for your support for the Raider Band and Fine Arts Education!