Q: How do I know what's happening with the Band?


  1. The homepage of the Taft Raider Band

  2. The weekly E-Mail sent out by the Band Directors

  3. TRB Facebook

  4. TRB Instagram / Twitter

  5. Remind 101

  6. Google Calendar

    • You can add the calendar to your own using the link on the Home page!

Q: What do I/my child need for Summer Band?


The things you will need to be successful during Summer Band are:

    1. WHITE T-Shirt

    2. Athletic Shorts

    3. Athletic Shoes (no basketball shoes)

    4. TRB Water Jug

    5. Hat and Sunglasses

    6. Fanny pack (with dotbook and pencil)

    7. Towel or Yoga Mat

    8. Sunscreen

    9. Instrument and Instrument Supplies

    10. A positive attitude!

For more details on supplies click here.

Q: How do I volunteer?

A: You can volunteer under the volunteer section of the Taft Raider Band homepage. Sign up at the volunteer shifts subpage using the Signup Genius links provided, or click here to go directly to the volunteer shifts page.