TMEA Volunteering

What is TMEA?
The Texas Music Educator's Association, or TMEA for short, is an association devoted to the advocation of music education and teachers here in the state of Texas. While every state in the USA has an "MEA", Texas' is the largest and most celebrated. Each year in February, TMEA holds its annual Clinic/Convention in downtown San Antonio for four days. This convention is one of the most attended in the nation. To help facilitate this amazing event, the Taft Band Program has proudly been working alongside TMEA to help host this convention for over 25 years.

When is TMEA?
February 8-11 (Wednesday-Saturday)

What do we do?
We serve as door monitors to make sure that all attendees entering the convention space have an ID badge on. That's it! We rotate throughout the convention space in shifts with scheduled breaks to ensure that all doors are covered.

What's in it for us?
In addition to exposing our students to one of the best sources of music education in the nation, this convention acts as our largest fundraiser of the year- earning us $12,000 for four days of volunteering.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone 18 years and older is able to volunteer by signing up below. You do not have to be a direct relative of any current student. Current students are also utilized on the final convention day (Saturday) to assist with concert lines. They need to sign up in the appropriate spots.