Volunteer Shifts





Soccer Concessions 02/14 at Farris Stadium
Chaperones TMEA Jazz Ensemble 02/10
TMEA Adult Volunteers Feb. 8-11, 2023
No Events At This Time
Soccer Concessions 02/21 at Gus Stadium
Chaperones Winter Guard 02/18 at Madison HS
Senior and Junior Volunteers Feb. 11, 2023
Baseball Concessions 02/25 at Gus Stadium
Chaperones Winter Guard 03/04 at Lee HS
Sophomore and Freshman Volunteers Feb. 11, 2023
Baseball Concessions 03/02 at Gus
Chaperones Stevens Jazz Fest 03/04
Chicken BBQ 03/25
Baseball Concessions 03/15 at Gus
Chaperones TAMU Kingsville Jazz Fest 03/25
Softball Concessions 03/21 at Gus
Chaperones Winter Guard 04/01 at TECA (TBD)
Softball Concessions 03/31 at Gus
Chaperones Churchill Jazz Fest 04/22
Track Concessions 04/12 at Gus
Baseball Concessions 04/18 at Gus

Helpful NISD Addresses

Harlan High School Gym

 14350 Culebra Rd., 78253 

Gustafson (Gus) Stadium

7001 Culebra Rd., 78238 

Farris Stadium

 8400 N Loop 1640 W.,   78249  

To Purchase NISD Football Game Tickets Online:

1. Go to https://nisd.net/athletics/high-school-tickets 

2. Scroll down to the Taft HS section, and locate the football game link

3. Click on "Get Tickets" under the correct football game, and purchase directly from NISD

Gustafson (Gus) Stadium Layout

Gus Stadium Facilities Template_0 2020.pdf

Farris Stadium Layout